About Phillip Gain

I grew up hunting and fishing in West Virginia. My father taught me about firearms from a young age, and I honed those skills further while serving in the US Army Reserve from 1991-1999. I first became interested in handguns in my early 20s, and not long after that a friend convinced me to take a class and obtain my first concealed carry permit.

I obtained my NRA Instructor certifications in 2011 while living in Massachusetts, not long after my son was born. I worked part-time for a firearms school there, while also offering private one-on-one shooting lessons and concealed carry certification.

My family and I have lived in Las Vegas since 2012 and we have met many new friends and associates here. Upon learning of my history as a firearms instructor, the almost-universal response was “You should start teaching again. I’ve been thinking about getting a concealed carry permit.” Thus, the idea for The Gun School was born. We opened our doors to our first students in October 2018.

  • NRA Instructor #184127280
  • Utah CCW Instructor #I162581

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